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[ALEXA] Days of Google are over | Win by Facebook

Alexa ranking has been by a website Ranking by the visitors who visits the website with the Alexa toolbar. And since a long time Google was on the top of All.
Google had ranking of Alexa 1
Facebook had ranking of Alexa 2

But the days of Google of being at the top of the world has been Over. As current record has made the Facebook at the top of all with Alexa rank 1 and leaving behind Google with Alexa rank 2. Facebook covering almost more than the world’s population including Fake ids, it has now succeeded to be on top. Google, No 1 search engine with billions of features has its rank decrease.

I loved to see and view the Alexa to be 1 but today, when I opened Facebook and saw the Alexa to be 1 I m quiet upset with the rank.

[HOW TO] Get/Change Digital Point Forum password signed in from Facebook

I am a regular user to Digital Point and used to get signed through Facebook. According to policy of forum, we need to change the password in every 180 days(around). As I got signed through signed in via Facebook, I didn’t had any password that I required. So to change the password was impossible as a blank password wouldn’t work. You may also have been facing the same problem trying to find the solution.

So, you can try some simple steps. Just get logged out of Digital Point Forum and Click the Login button. After that you find a login form, where you can find the Reset link. Just click and fill out the email ID of your Facebook account that is linked to Forum. Open your mail, you get a message about reset for password. Now Open the link and again you get another mail regarding password. Now you can easily enjoy direct login via Facebook.

If you would like to change the password that has been reseted by Forum, you can go to your control panel and just change it in a usual way as you already got a FB password. From the second time, you do not need to reset for password as you already got a password and you can change the password in easy way.

Have fun
Happy earnings

[NOTICE] FB chat with preety good look

Well we may be noticing that there has been lots and lots of changes on Facebook. The most annoying change that we have ever faced is its the Chat. I have already given a tutorial on old fb chat. But still lots and lots of people complained about that and they changed it quite a better with scroll down feature with More Friends Online, so that the people online can be found easily. But the stickiness of the chat is still annoying. People have started using third party software/addons on their browsers. People would surely liked to get noticed that their Cookie/Sessions can be taken from such third party software. Continue Reading

[HOW TO] Turn old chat interface from new one on Facebook

Facebook has been changing their design and view day by day. It is because of the competitor evolved that can do any thing in the current context of the world. Yes I want to speak about Google plus. Now people are really moving to Plus because they are being bored with the same interface and design. Looking onto it, Facebook start the major changes on different systems that can be viewed easily. The most irritating change that we have found was the change in FB chat system. Continue Reading