[HOWTO] Auto delete nested relations on EntityFramework on VB.NET

I have been lately writing an application on VB.NET and similar code can be applied to C# too if converted or implemented. So my first issue was when I deleted data from parent, they would just delete and related data […]

[HOWTO] Get cool video effect like YouTube on any of your video

Lately we can notice there is a slight change in YouTube, hard to notice but if you are fan of video effects then you should be able to notice the new change. I might be hard to notice but yes it’s there and a cool effect.

Not sure if it is noticeable in the above image but there is slight background effect in the video and let’s learn how to do it.

VB.NET SelfHosted backend with vue.js as frontend

One of the project I have been working required a Windows service and I am familiar with VB.NET and services using VB.NET. I used to create a separate UI that communicates with the service and handle it but creating a proper user interface that looks good and functional was hard for me because I am much of the backend guy and with some knowledge of bootstrap. So learning some extras a Vue.js wasn’t that hard with available plugins. But first I need to host an application that holds the vue files and my API that communicates with the Vue.

So first step involving is preparations of what we need and I made the list:

  • First we need to listen to a port
  • Host Vue.js generated static files
  • Add routes that handle API for different commands

[SOLVED] VB.NET Windows Service cannot start System.IO.FileNotFoundException

I was creating a Windows service that includes a dll file. Whenever I tried to include the dll, I get following error.