[HOW TO] Turn old chat interface from new one on Facebook

Facebook has been changing their design and view day by day. It is because of the competitor evolved that can do any thing in the current context of the world. Yes I want to speak about Google plus. Now people are really moving to Plus because they are being bored with the same interface and design. Looking onto it, Facebook start the major changes on different systems that can be viewed easily. The most irritating change that we have found was the change in FB chat system.

We were good at being on old interface but on the last week, Facebook forced to change its chat system and It was really hitting the people as they cannot find the easy way to chat with that system. And after a long oppose on that system, they finally made their chat system o the old one. But after some days they again change it to the Boring new one. I really hated the new one. I looked up for the solution that may help out but all over the question was only arose with no sign of any solution.

People out there on the web are showing the way to Remove, not changing back to old interface. Also some people out there just keep on saying the ways to handle the new FB chat. So made an alternative system.

Open facebook on two tabs. One for chatting and another for normal browsing. But I have tested and the browsing as well as chatting can be done parallel on the same FB tab where chatting has been done. Copy the following code and paste it on your browser(Must be the Facebook’s tab):

The code is here

See the following images that was implemented.

You will see the following:

Now Click on Connect via Meebo and connect using Facebook for chat. Then you will get the following window when all the processes are completed.

Hope this tutorial helps you out.

17 thoughts on “[HOW TO] Turn old chat interface from new one on Facebook”

    1. Sorry, I couldn’t understand what are you talking about. But I think you might be asking about where do you paste the code on?
      You need to paste the code on the tab where Facebook is opened.

    1. You should perform that on the Facebook page. Also, you need to let the complete page to be loaded on Facebook. Moreover, Paste the code and Hit enter. You will find a new bar at the bottom of your Facebook. That bar may load a bit slowly.

  1. i want to know that how can i use the old chat system which was their earlier instead of new chat system?

  2. 6 more reasons to change to google plus!
    1) happening now sidebar broadcasting all to everyone is an intrusion…
    2)facebook video calls (in your face annoying people calling you when you are in the middle of something else)
    3)Chats being uploaded to inbox
    4)inbox msg warning not appearing after you refresh the page (not knowing that you have a msg)
    5)Chat bar displaying all your contacts why? (who wants to chat with people disconnected?)
    6)Chat bar without a scroll bar (only showing a few people connected… so you have to guess who is connected)
    facebook less is more!Details: http://thetechjournal.com/internet/social-community/facebook-happening-now-feature.xhtml#ixzz1TBJHe5oC

  3. i have changed my page background design in to new design……but i m not satsfied with it……how can i get my old background page design?

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