[HOW TO] Get/Change Digital Point Forum password signed in from Facebook

I am a regular user to Digital Point and used to get signed through Facebook. According to policy of forum, we need to change the password in every 180 days(around). As I got signed through signed in via Facebook, I didn’t had any password that I required. So to change the password was impossible as a blank password wouldn’t work. You may also have been facing the same problem trying to find the solution.
So, you can try some simple steps. Just get logged out of Digital Point Forum and Click the Login button. After that you find a login form, where you can find the Reset link. Just click and fill out the email ID of your Facebook account that is linked to Forum. Open your mail, you get a message about reset for password. Now Open the link and again you get another mail regarding password. Now you can easily enjoy direct login via Facebook.
If you would like to change the password that has been reseted by Forum, you can go to your control panel and just change it in a usual way as you already got a FB password. From the second time, you do not need to reset for password as you already got a password and you can change the password in easy way.
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