[HOWTO] Auto delete nested relations on EntityFramework on VB.NET

I have been lately writing an application on VB.NET and similar code can be applied to C# too if converted or implemented. So my first issue was when I deleted data from parent, they would just delete and related data […]

[SOLVED] NuGet stuck at retrieving information or not installing on older Visual Studio

Lately, I have been working on Visual Studio 2013 on Windows 7 to code as I had license to work on them and installed few years back. Previously I used to work on small projects that were easy to handle only using default components and packages. But as the complexity hit my project, I had to install things via NuGet Package Manager that contains a huge number of packages to install and for different version of .NET available.

VB.NET SelfHosted backend with vue.js as frontend

One of the project I have been working required a Windows service and I am familiar with VB.NET and services using VB.NET. I used to create a separate UI that communicates with the service and handle it but creating a proper user interface that looks good and functional was hard for me because I am much of the backend guy and with some knowledge of bootstrap. So learning some extras a Vue.js wasn’t that hard with available plugins. But first I need to host an application that holds the vue files and my API that communicates with the Vue.

So first step involving is preparations of what we need and I made the list:

  • First we need to listen to a port
  • Host Vue.js generated static files
  • Add routes that handle API for different commands

[SOLVED] VB.NET Windows Service cannot start System.IO.FileNotFoundException

I was creating a Windows service that includes a dll file. Whenever I tried to include the dll, I get following error.

[SOLVED] Flash plugin crashed on Google Chrome on Windows

I was just watching Youtube on my Chrome after the latest update on my Windows 7. And the Chrome suddenly stopped working. I tried opening and it crashed again and again. And I went to ask my friend about this […]

[SOLVED] Couldnot start service Apache Tomcat server on Windows

Hi, my uncle have a Laptop with Windows 7 and asked me to configure Apache Tomcat server on his PC. After I installed the server, it worked and from the very next day it didn’t start at the startup nor […]

[SOLVED] Mouse pad not working in Ubuntu on power plugged in

Well, my brother had a laptop of HP(forgot the model). He had Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal and Windows 7 installed. When ever he used to plug in his power cable, the mouse pad on his laptop stopped working. After the […]

[HOWTO] Midas EduKit – Unlimited use from a single CD/DVD

Well one of my small brother on Class 2 bought the Midas EduKit for Mathematics, General Knoweledge, Science and Grammar(English). Their family were confused about the how to make it work. Then they just called me. I just went and […]