[HOW TO] Enable Suggest to Friends in Facebook Page

Well there’s no such thing as the script, but it has a minor trick. If you are seeing this page that you must be an Internet marketer, who is keenly looking for such thing and I know the trick. Well talking about the Internet marketers, you must have at least >2 Facebook accounts. Well everyone does.
So how to suggest to each and every friend of each and every account as “Suggest to Friend” is disabled by Facebook by guest users.

  1. Make a Facebook page.
  2. Now the “Admin” can suggest to friends, suggest to each and everybody on your list.
  3. After that, make your another account “Admin”.
  4. Login that another account.
  5. And again suggest to all the friends in the account.

If you have multiple accounts, do the same process.
Now the quicker trick to do the above actions.

Make a main account, and add all the sub-account with lots and lots of friends with the main account. Now what you do is, create the Page and make all the sub accounts your admin. Then you can suggest to thousands of friends.

More, if you are good with your friends and family, you can do the same with them too.
Happy earning.

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