Google Play Signature Edition apps – April Fool 2014

As Google has been publishing different pranks for the people every year and this year Google has announced another prank. There are multiple pranks around and this one is specially designed for the Android Developer and only found in Developer […]

[HOWTO] Update HTC Incredible S to ICS(Ice Cream Sandwich) without S-OFF and Root

I have a HTC Incredible S and I would loved to installed the latest version of the Android OS ICS(Ice Cream Sandwich). As you guys can see lots and lots of post around the internet, I would love to show the same process in a bit quite different way that would be easier. Actually I have updated my Android, the default from 2.3.3 to 2.3.5 from the official HTC update center on the setting menu. And the main problem occurred was that the HBOOT version too upgraded from 1.13.0000 to 2.00.0000(I forgot the real figures). And as you might have been passing through different forums and blogs and asked for using tool names “revolutionary” but the main problem faces is that the device doesn’t support the HBOOT version 2.00.0000. So I looked over the downgrade process and saw a process via RUU downgrade(gonna be 300MB). Well that also didn’t worked for me as well. So I started thinking over and looked for an ultimate solution. And its a good news for you that I got one. Without any downgrade, you can easily install ICS on your Incredible S. The process just doesn’t apply for Incredible S, it may be also applied to following devices: Desire Z/G2, Desire HD, Desire S, Sensation.

[HOWTO] Backup/Share applications downloaded from android market

Usually while long pressing any app from the main window, we don’t get a share button and when we press share button it sends a HTML file with some details rather we were looking forward to share the complete application. So, we had a minor problem regarding that. But don’t worry about that cause I got a simple solution for that. What you need to do is Install 2 applications. The two applications are ES Task Manager(for application to get backed up) and ES File Explorer(for the backed up file to get shared). The applications has lot more other features that you would love.

[HOW TO] Run (Android) .apk file on your PC

Dear friends, I have started programming on Android system 2.1 and started writing articles on how the program should be written. You can get subscribed to my blog if you want more and more tips for developing articles on android. […]

Starting programming for android with Netbeans

Dear friends, I had windows 7 installed on my PC and already had Netbeans 6.9.1 installed. And according to the android official website, their is no such tutorial for us to develop via Netbeans. So, I am here for you people to support for the development on Android via Netbeans IDE. Now first the main problem is to chose SDK. The following steps works for all the type of OS(as I have tried on ubuntu too).
First download the SDk related to your OS from here:

[CREATE] Hello World program for android via Netbeans

Well friends, as I started programming on android on my windows with IDE as Netbeans. I am writing every step that were problems to me and how I solved then. You can get subscribed so that you can get more and more help regarding android application development. Before going to all the thing you must have first setup all the requirements as of my previous article.