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Dear friends, its been 6 months now I have been using twiends for the twitter and facebook. Twiends is the biggest group of the world that is created by the people like us. I mean its like a circle of people who Likes/Follow you earning few seeds set by you and similarly you follow/like them to earn some seeds.
Twiends has been providing these services for a long time. Twiends also supports Youtube views. In this article I will teach you a technique for the newbie to this website. But lets us know what twiends does.
Twiends account can be opened with the help of you own Twitter account as well as via direct registration. You can add/connect Facebook account to add your pages to the website. Basically this service work on seed system. Initially, they provide some seed so that they the beginners can start and learn about the twiends. So you will get the followers/likes on your page and twitter account. As I already told that their is a facility of Youtube views but youtube views costs lots and lots of time so people don’t prefer that a lot. They have enabled voucher code so that you can increase the number of seeds by the type of voucher code. Also you can refer your referral URL so that you can increase your seeds. You can buy the seed as priced by the twiends.
Talking more about twiends, you might have multiple account on twitter so you might have a problem on login different account simultaneously. So twiends has provided a account type named “publicist” so that you can manage different twiends account under a single account.
Ok I will not write any more and I will straightly move to the trick you may love. You must follow these things carefully.
First you create a Twiends account. Add Twitter and Facebook on your account. Now set the seed to 10 for each like/follow. Now you might say that “am I a fool that I lose my seeds that quick?”, but listen to my trick first as this is a trick. Let loose all your initial seeds. Let us suppose you had 100 seeds initial, just let it loose(it takes 10 second to complete that). Now go to you history section like “http://twiends.com/history/twitter”. Now just view the result. Wow well there are some trailing “0” seeds given to the user who just liked/followed you(to the follower: never worry you will get the point). So got the trick?
If not I am here for the detailed information. So what you do is, just like/follow some people so that you make total of 10 then again your account will be shown to hundreds of accounts at a single time. So with just the single “10” your account will have around 20 followers on Twitter and 20 Likes on Facebook. So think about it first weather you set the 2 seed and get on the bottom of the list waiting for your turn and loose the 2 seed for a single person. Or just you set the point to “10” and get 10-20 followers/likes at a single moment.
So what are you waiting for? Just hit it. The trick might not work for the people who had lots of people who already followed you via twiends. But for the newbie, It will surely work.
[SUMMARY]: 10 seeds attracts lots of people than a single 2 seeds. Also 10 seeds always goes to the top of all the people and being on the top of the world is the greatest thing.

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          1. Just checked. Doesn’t work anymore. Now even with 10 set, only about four followers follow at 2-3 seeds each.

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