[NOTICE] FB chat with preety good look

Well we may be noticing that there has been lots and lots of changes on Facebook. The most annoying change that we have ever faced is its the Chat. I have already given a tutorial on old fb chat. But still lots and lots of people complained about that and they changed it quite a better with scroll down feature with More Friends Online, so that the people online can be found easily. But the stickiness of the chat is still annoying. People have started using third party software/addons on their browsers. People would surely liked to get noticed that their Cookie/Sessions can be taken from such third party software.
But Facebook has done one more change on Facebook and most people may not have noticed it. Facebook calculates your screen width and attaches the FB Chat on you browser. But when you increase the display of tex size on browser then you can find a cool feature of that chat box. The box is kinda like old FB Chat box but its easy to minimise and handle.
To perform the trick, you need to press Ctrl+(+PLUS) buttons, you will find everything getting bigger. After some zoom(depends on your screen width), you will find the effect on the chat box. To go back you need to perform Ctrl+(-MINUS) buttons.
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