[REVIEW] Microsoft buys Skype for $8.5 Billion cash

As you people might have heard about it that Microsoft had bought Skype for $8.5 billion. Yeah its all the money, anyone can buy anything with money. If I would get a good price for my website, I would surely sell it. But its not that I don’t just love my blog but I love money much better. Yes, money can get anyone do anything. Skype is well know for communication between friends and families as we can Normal Chat, Video Chat, Phone calls and Desktop sharing which made all the people work in easy way.
After it is been bought by Microsoft(M$), will this be still the same good free skype or they will start the different version of skype for Home, Professional and Premium use? But you may say Skype do already have such thing but what if they make as, Chatting goes to Free version, Calling on Home(little extra feature in home premium), Video Calling on Professional and All the features on Premium. And Steve Ballmer just starts to make the similar funny advertisement as “How much do it costs?” and I would just say, “Wasn’t it free?”.
Let them buy the world. They make the Home, Professionals and “what’s premium?”. Home means for living, Professionals means they work. Now Microsoft owns lots of share among the world. It just like the Territory fight between Google, Microsoft and Yahoo.
Chat/Video Call
Google do have a chat facilities and video call but people do not prefer it than Skype. Yahoo is the most leading service for chatting, but due to the market of Facebook its pretty low. And because of M$ have no any service like such(do have chat), they bought skype who where the most leading on it.
So lacking of above feature M$ might have bought the Skype but I am not M$ and never been in the meeting to buy Skype, so that’s what I think of the skype and M$

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  1.  This is probably ruin the Skype we already know, Maybe 30 minutes a day free call’s?, £120 for Skype Home Premium which will allow unlimited voice calls and 2 hours a week video, £300 could get you Skype ultimate with no limits, Be careful though when entering your licence key because if you don’t activate your account within 30 days with a valid key there going to block your computer off and ask for another £120!, Genius!, Microsoft you have put us back a few thousand year’s again!

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