[HOW TO] Create your own Facebook Page more attractive

Facebook page are liked by users if they are attractive, but Facebook pages are just the boring old pages. But Facebook have recently added a great feature on it making a great change on the view of Facebook. The major change is “Static FBML“. For that you need to initially create a Facebook page, and go to its Settings page.
After that, go to “Apps” tab. Now you need to add “FBML” and then “Go to App“. Now there you get the “Title“, change it to attractive name that make people attract your page. After that you find the area to write “FBML“. You can get a minor tutorial of the “fbml” and write minor codes there. Also you can write some HTML codes, like images, div and all. Talking about the dynamic, you can embed some “flash” or “silverlight” content from the tutorial. View the example on the tutorial page, and then create a dynamic content on your Facebook page.
Now set the landing page to the “FBML” page so that all the people can see the attractiveness of your page. You can do this by going to the settings of the Page, and click on “Manage Permissions“, there you find a “Default Landing Tab“, set it to the name of your FBML tab.
Enjoy the new Facebook feature. Hope this feature bring a lot changes in your business.

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