[SOLVED] Chromium Browser not opening or taking too long to load on Ubuntu 16.04

I have been using Chromium Browser from Google for everyday use. But today, it completely stopped working. I tried to open it via terminal and couldn’t see any error or any log. The process seem to open but not opening the browser at all. I didn’t had any patience and closed it via terminal with command killall -9 chromium-browser . I started using Firefox, but being used to the Chromium Browser and the debug tools I had, I couldn’t resist and started to find the solution. I filtered the chromium-browser not opening in past week in the search result, but doesn’t looks like others are having any such problem. Then I had to do it on my own.
I again started the terminal and opened the browser by typing chromium-browser . After that I thought, lets wait few more minutes and got following message.

Then I searched for above error. Couldn’t find exact answer but people said the problem was with gnome-keyring-daemon . Then I closed current running instance of Chromium and started  gnome-keyring-daemon  on new terminal. And then opened chromium-browser . It opened in seconds. I became happy with the easy solution. May be it will be fixed on next update or must be some problem with my PC. This might be the case with other people too, so I just shared this solution. To make it easy, I just added  gnome-keyring-daemon  to the startup application and now I am able to run Chromium easily. This might affect the applications that runs under Gnome Keyring Daemon and solve the problem.
I don’t remember tweaking much, but this started to happen after I cleared my browser’s history for 1 day.

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