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Google Play Signature Edition apps – April Fool 2014

As Google has been publishing different pranks for the people every year and this year Google has announced another prank. There are multiple pranks around and this one is specially designed for the Android Developer and only found in Developer Console.

How can it be seen? Here are the images:

Screenshot from 2014-04-01 09:13:35

Click Tell me moreScreenshot from 2014-04-01 09:14:10

Scroll down and press OkScreenshot from 2014-04-01 09:20:52

And there you go with your counter. When you click the counter, the counter will redirect to any random application to Pricing and Distribution page. Now there you can have fun with.

[HOWTO] Open IPv6 IP addresses in browser

IPv4 has been a big success but due to the increase in the number of users in the current context of the world, the number of IP are getting lower and lower. And the temporary solution to it was Routers and switches that help create local network and distribute local IP’s. But with the IPv6, now every grain of sand in the world can get a unique IP address.

But opening the IP directly from browser is quiet different. Previously, on IPv4 we used to open, and something like that. But with the technology of Ipv6 we cannot open the IP directly like: http://ipv6/ rather you need to keep the IPv6 inside a [Big Bracket].

For http://localhost/ to be IPv6, you can use as: http://[::1]/ OR http://[::]/

Similarly, you can open Google’s IPv6 by pinging

NOTE: If you get the IPv6 address from your Router but you cannot ping the then it doesn’t mean you are having the problem. Because your ISP(Internet Service Provider) is not providing any IPv6 service yet. In case of my country Nepal, my Router with ADSL2+ supports IPv6 for my local computer but Nepal Telecom hasn’t released IPv6 to the customer. According to some research, they have successfully installed the IPv6 system for testing purpose.

Welcome to the new world.

[SOLVED] Flash plugin crashed on Google Chrome on Windows

I was just watching Youtube on my Chrome after the latest update on my Windows 7. And the Chrome suddenly stopped working. I tried opening and it crashed again and again. And I went to ask my friend about this and he had the same problem on Windows 8 too. So, it was might be like some chrome problem or the flash problem. I re-installed both Chrome and Flash plugin but it started crashing again and again. So, I went to the Chrome Application directory: C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Application Data\ on folder named Google you can find user data. I backed up the folder and deleted it. I re-lunched the Google Chrome, so I just tried opening the browser it was kinda like fluctuating. It sometimes gets crashed and sometimes not.

Then I tried to think more and more. The video used to jam and Audio used to continue. And after that I found when ever you run the mouse on the flash window, the flash plays everything. But if the focus gets lost the video play is stored in Buffer memory and with the overflow it crashes. After hat I tried it to unfocus and found that in the previous stream, I used to unfocus as I used to do some parallel works.

So, this can’t be the ultimate solution but can be seemed to have a point that you can Click on the taskbar while you start playing a video rather focusing on the video.

Enjoy youtube. 🙂

[ALEXA] Days of Google are over | Win by Facebook

Alexa ranking has been by a website Ranking by the visitors who visits the website with the Alexa toolbar. And since a long time Google was on the top of All.
Google had ranking of Alexa 1
Facebook had ranking of Alexa 2

But the days of Google of being at the top of the world has been Over. As current record has made the Facebook at the top of all with Alexa rank 1 and leaving behind Google with Alexa rank 2. Facebook covering almost more than the world’s population including Fake ids, it has now succeeded to be on top. Google, No 1 search engine with billions of features has its rank decrease.

I loved to see and view the Alexa to be 1 but today, when I opened Facebook and saw the Alexa to be 1 I m quiet upset with the rank.


You may have known or not about tiwtter, but I researched on another term named Twtter. Are you saying that the spelling is mistake? No, it isn’t. Its just what you just typed and visited to my blog. Well you are just here then why don’t you just learn more about twtter. As I already told that the most mistake done by people is tiwtter, but I was wrong about that. I went to the depth of the research and found that the common word Twtter that you just typed is the most mistake done in the world.

Some Definitions:

  • Well twtter is one of the most mistyped word on Google. According to a research via Google webmaster tool, its been typed 0.1 million time on google search every month.
  • It is the common mistake done my people who visit Twitter.
  • It is a word when searched on Google gives the output: “Do you mean: Twitter“.
  • Twtter is the most common mistake by people that Google has already indexed a 2.3 million number of results regarding it.
  • Currently Twtter is the name of my article.
  • Seem to be funny but You just visited my website typing Twtter on Google. LOL!

Well that’s what a twtter is. If you like this post, please share it with your friends and circles. Enjoy your day.