Well, I guess you might have visited to a wrong website. You might be thinking of visiting Twitter. But before you close lets learn some definition about what is Tiwtter.
Some Definitions:

  • Well tiwtter is the most mistyped word on Google. According to a research via Google webmaster tool, its been typed thousands of time every day.
  • It is the common mistake done my people who visit Twitter.
  • It is a word when searched on Google gives the output: “Do you mean: Twitter“.
  • Tiwtter is the most common mistake by people that Google has already indexed a 1.2 million number of results regarding it.
  • Currently Tiwtter is the name of my article.
  • Seem to be funny but You just visited my website typing Tiwtter on Google. LOL!

Well that’s what a tiwtter is. If you like this post, please share it with your friends and circles. Enjoy your day.

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