You may have known or not about tiwtter, but I researched on another term named Twtter. Are you saying that the spelling is mistake? No, it isn’t. Its just what you just typed and visited to my blog. Well you are just here then why don’t you just learn more about twtter. As I already told that the most mistake done by people is tiwtter, but I was wrong about that. I went to the depth of the research and found that the common word Twtter that you just typed is the most mistake done in the world.
Some Definitions:

  • Well twtter is one of the most mistyped word on Google. According to a research via Google webmaster tool, its been typed 0.1 million time on google search every month.
  • It is the common mistake done my people who visit Twitter.
  • It is a word when searched on Google gives the output: “Do you mean: Twitter“.
  • Twtter is the most common mistake by people that Google has already indexed a 2.3 million number of results regarding it.
  • Currently Twtter is the name of my article.
  • Seem to be funny but You just visited my website typing Twtter on Google. LOL!

Well that’s what a twtter is. If you like this post, please share it with your friends and circles. Enjoy your day.

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