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[HOWTO] Run Counter Strike game in Windows 8

Today I was playing CS online game on my p48 and few people came and asked for “How to run CS 1.6 in my Windows 8?”. It was just loaded on Software mode and bad graphics. And I researched on my friend’s Windows. Previously we couldn’t play Angry birds on the same PC and did some research. And found that the internal default graphics driver needs to be installed. Then I downloaded the Update for Windows and download the remaining packages on windows 8. And found the remaining after the first update of Windows 8. And clearly see the Intel graphics driver. Then I ran the Angry birds and it went good.

After the successful test for Angry birds, I tried opening the game in OpenGL mode and whoooo it ran successfully and very smooth. I can’t feel the difference in any part between the previously played game and now. But the fps has decreased but soon the bug might be fixed for Windows 8.

So, I suggest you to download first:

Update for Windows (KBXXXXX)
And after few minutes, try checking for windows update or restart Windows
It automatically checks for update and install the Intel graphics driver.

Happy fragging.

[UEFA] [PREDICTION] Euro Cup – Group A – Greece vs Russia – 16th June 2012

As we have been predicting games on IPL(cricket), we modified our software just the way it was but just the player has been changed. We took a look on the football sheet and compared it with the cricket sheet. And we are all set to go.

Today on 16th June 2012 – Euro Cup, we have match between Greece vs Russia on Group A. We have predicted the winner. Continue Reading

[IPL] [PREDICTION] 22nd match: Kings XI Punjab vs Kolkata Knight Riders at Mohali, April 18, 2012

We had some poor prediction by our software and I was quiet busy with my exams. And I told my friend that our software didn’t worked well on 2 matches continuous. I guess, I am stopping the prediction. And he told that, the software is your creation and has done lots of good prediction. And added, its just a prediction by a software. Anything can happen in real life. Thanks to you my friend that I got some courage to continue my prediction. I got some real good friends.

Lets continue to the prediction and we have a match on this IPL 5 against Kings XI Punjab vs Kolkata Knight Riders local time 20:00. This IPL season has been a great season for new players as lots and lots of player have been playing great. Continuing our prediction, we too have a winner today.

And the winner of today’s game is Kolkata Knight Riders.

Many people on the internet asked me about the prediction made by the software. I would like to share it here. I have collected data on lots of players but we though lack the complete data as we do not complete information on the new ones.

Thanks for supporting and special thanks to my friend.

FINAL: Bangalore vs Chennai IPL 2011 winner prediction

Dear friends, we went something wrong during our older games. But we do have most of the prediction went correct. We had lots of request for the continuing the prediction but due to our own problems, we couldn’t continue the prediction. Thanks for the encouraging request from the followers and fans who requested for the predictions. As prediction are not the outcome of the game, rather it is a view from some minor data that can be the result of the up-coming game in the future. So, we decided to given a prediction on the last final game between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Chennai Super Kings.

Both teams were playing great games and reached to this final on 28th May, 2011. As the older days, our software had made a prediction for the today’s final match. And the winner from our software is Chennai. Yes Chennai Super Kings. This is the first season we have ever predicted for IPL match. We have collected lots and lots of data that will be implemented on upcoming season. Yes, so that we will have 99% correct prediction.

Stay tuned to get updated for the next season. Enjoy the cricket.

[HOW TO] Play games with multiple keyboard press exceeding limit

Well friends, my friend and me were playing Street Fighter Alpha 3 inside a PlayStation emulator on our PC. But the problem arose was if one pressed more than 3-4 keys at a single time, other could not hit any special powers. Then we just stopped playing that and start a search for it. We didn’t find any software related solution like any tweak to increase the number of key pressed. Though we found some information in different areas and made a kind of solution. Continue Reading