Sri Lanka vs Australia prediction via Computer Research

Today, March 5 we have successfully developed a software that can predict the winning team for the up-coming game for ICC 2011 World Cup. We have a game of Sri Lanka v Australia (14:30 local | 09:00 GMT) at Colombo. Talking about the game, today it will have a tough competition.
According to the software report the probability of winning the toss will go to Sri Lanka. Also, Sri Lanka will choose to bat first. According to the computer statistics, Sri Lanka will have a good time at the initial but after 8 overs of the play, they Australia will have a bowling power play and get some dis-advantages. Though the game continues till the last 50 overs, the total score will not be above 300, but surely cross 250. According to statistics, Australia will have no any such bowler who will hit 3 wickets. But from the Sri Lankans there will surely be at most 2 Half-centuries, and among one of them, their will surely be 1 century.
Talking about the Sri lankan’s bowling and Australian’s batting, Australia will have a bad start, but after 2 wicket fall, Sri Lankan’s will have some bad time. But with a good chase, Australian will not be able to catch the pace and loose the game with all out in about 40 overs.
So according to the results, the final output will be like this:
Sri Lanka: (250-300/50 overs/ 5-8 W)
Australia: (200-250/ 35-45 overs/ All Out)
And Sir Lanka will win the game by a good numbering.
The scores and predictions above are made by some minor statistics of a simple beta software, which was tested for a simple game. So the stats in the actual game can change because a computer cannot predict everything cause they are just a machine. Best of luck to both teams.

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