Congratulation to the ICC world cup 2011 winners!!!

Well friends, as far the prediction, India has won the game and had started celebrating. In the similar case our software which predicted the final outcome came to match the final result. So we would like to congratulate ourselves creating the software that can predict the outcome. Well we are happy that a team won and our software worked well after a certain research.
Today was the final of the ICC world cup 2011 between SriLanka and India, where SriLanka won the toss and choose to bat first. After a quite slow game, they were able to score the predicted score. And the time for chasing by India was similar. The prediction of the scores of both teams matched a lot and with our great software, we have a success rate increased. We will be predicting the up coming games of crickets too. For now at the end of Final, we have stopped the further research. We will soon start the further research on our Software.
We will also be researching on other games like Football after the great succession of our program that was 100% successful predicting the upcoming result of the game before the game time.
Congratulation to India for winning the ICC world cup and SriLanka for being the 1st runner up on this game. Well this year cricket was full of fun and variations. Loved the game.

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