India Vs Sri Lanka Prediction via Computer Research – ICC World Cup 2011

Dear friends, we have been predicting the outcome of different games that were happening this year on our blog. And we have the result as predicted to be Sri Lanka and India on the finals. Once again we congratulate to both the teams. And wish to provide a good game on the upcoming Saturday’s match. Though we have the result here we wish both the team to play their best as the prediction are the result of the calculations and calculations are not always right in our lives.
So about the final result of the game is that India will win the game between the game of India and Sri Lanka. Well that’s the final output of the game.
Here goes the Final result about scores:
Sri Lanka: ( >250 Runs/5-7/50 Overs)
India: ( >250 Runs/6 W/47 Overs) (The wining score just greater than Sri Lanka)
The above predictions are the results of multiple predictions. The prediction can go up and down by some Runs, Wickets, and overs. But the final outcome will be most near to the above result. Also the results are the average of the different similar result that were the best according to our research.
Enjoy the game.

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