[HOW TO] Play games with multiple keyboard press exceeding limit

Well friends, my friend and me were playing Street Fighter Alpha 3 inside a PlayStation emulator on our PC. But the problem arose was if one pressed more than 3-4 keys at a single time, other could not hit any special powers. Then we just stopped playing that and start a search for it. We didn’t find any software related solution like any tweak to increase the number of key pressed. Though we found some information in different areas and made a kind of solution.
Well what we found out in different places is that, its the limit due to hardware not the software. So we can’t tweak the hardware. What we did is, we had a Laptop where we were playing our game. So we had an inbuilt Keyboard for 1st player. Now for that 2nd player we just brought a new USB keyboard that we already had. Then tried the same game, we had a great experience in playing the game.
If we had already found that this system would work, I wouldn’t bother think lots of trick/tweaks for the increasing number of key press via keyboard. This solution might not be helpful to some people, but might be helpful to the people like me. A USB keyboard just cost $4, so don’t hesitate to buy it. Enjoy your game.

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