[REVIEW] Apple announced iPad 2 with flash support

Today iPad 2 has been annouced. This time, iPad has announced to have support for flash officially. In the older version of iPad, Apple announced not to have any flash support and have only the support of HTML 5. But due to the market demand of flash, people cracked and found out the solution for the flash player for the iPad version 1. But taking care of teh people, Apple this time lauched iPad 2 with flash player. As far the major changes in the upcoming iPad v2 is flash player for iPad.
As far the announcement of Apple, it is said to be faster, lighter and thinner. Moreover, it has two camera. In front and at the back.
According to Apple the main features are:
New design, Dual-core A5 chip making its twice faster, Two camera, Smart Cover

New design featuring slim, light is great idea. But I guess how much do Apple focus in slimness. Cool!!!
Dual-core A5, lets hope its faster.
Two cameras, may be single camera was good enough. If it was a mobile(cell phone) and supporting 3g was a good idea for two camera but with no support of cell phone, I guess two camera was just a bad idea.
And finally talking about smart cover, I would prefer buying a bag. Hope the cover may suit the iPad.
I would surely buy it. Talking about $499 for iPad 2 might be a quite good price.

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