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Dear friends,
We are in a great dilemma because of the money. Some people are from the lower background while some people may be from higher background. But the fact is that money attracts everyone. I am also attracted towards money. Some of the people reading might be a Student, a job seeker, teacher. But the problem is we need money to stand forward. So I am here today to teach the easy step for earning money so that you should not rely on others for the money and live an independent life. There are several processes earning money online. But every process cost some of your valuable time, as I want to earn money. I am writing this article wasting my valuable time for you to earn some more from you. Yes what I mean is I am earning money from you, yes particularly from you. So loosing my valuable time writing articles for you makes me earn something.
So what you learn is “The money attracts money”, cause “my time=money” and loosing some time earns me some money. Lets get more deeper. I will not feed you with the spoon but you need to think about how you may eat the food by yourself.
You may have even heard that those online earning things are all scam, but you are completely wrong about it. Ya there may be some people nearby you who made you feel like such but its all wrong, I personally say you that earning online is really good, cause I should not ask for some penny from my elders. I am happy myself because of me as I am also from a poor background.
Check out the following term online:
“Google Adsense”, CPA, CPC, “Affiliate Marketing”, “Spamming”, “Freelancing”.
Basically, they are the most common way of earning money. If you have a website and have a good quality traffics, you can earn easily by “Google Adsense”. Moreover, the affiliate business is also so cool, selling products and getting some amount of commission is also a good one. But you must have a good quality of word so that people will surely buy the product. Spamming is really cool. Mailing lots and lots of people so that any 40% of the people would see the spam, and 10% would reply on your spam is the greatest technique.
Is of the above have some problems, “Google Adsense” : your website might not be approved for that, you may get banned later, etc. But its all because of you. If you give some time for a good content, and manage it continuously then its sure that you will earn.
“Affiliate Marketing” : Yeah its hard to find the people who would buy the thing from your affiliate, but if you are willing to earn desperately then you will need find the correct person for the correct product from which you will sure get benefits.
“Spamming” : The worst and great thing in this whole world. I don’t like getting spams, but I love to spam. If you have a business, you may spam over the world via email spam. Let us suppose that you have a business that the world might like, but there is no way you can advertise easily, then spamming it all over the world can be easiest job to do. Like let us suppose that you send “100,000” emails. And from my estimation, “40,000” will probably watch the email spam cause they might think they where supposed to get such email. And lets us suppose “10,000” people looked into your business, so If there are more emails then you can spam more and more. But the problem with this is, nowadays “Spam” filter are present with most of the email providers. so problem goes is that the people don’t see the mail going onto “Spam” folder. So the probability goes a little down.
“Free Lancing” : Free lancing is just like a part-time job where you do some job at your own home by fulfilling the requirement of the clients works. Basically they have, programming, designing, writing and more. So you may chose (Bid) on a work that you would like to work as your capacity.
Let us suppose that I filtered some mail list such that this article is really important to then, I will surely get most of the visitors. And you are one of them. I wasted my valuable time get you up to here, now its your time. Hope you earn, made me earn and learned something from this articles.

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