[HOWTO] Backup/Share applications downloaded from android market

Usually while long pressing any app from the main window, we don’t get a share button and when we press share button it sends a HTML file with some details rather we were looking forward to share the complete application. So, we had a minor problem regarding that. But don’t worry about that cause I got a simple solution for that. What you need to do is Install 2 applications. The two applications are ES Task Manager(for application to get backed up) and ES File Explorer(for the backed up file to get shared). The applications has lot more other features that you would love.
At first open ES Task Manager, you get a screen like this. Press the circled portion on your Phone. Now you see figure 2.

There you get App Manager. Now long press any Application that you want to backup. It is backed up in /sdcard/backups/apps/ folder. This is how you backup. Now to share/send to any friend near you, you can just Open the ES File Explorer. And browse to the backup folder. Long press the application you want to share and press Share. Share it via any means.
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