[HOW TO] Earn easily via Ziddu

Ziddu is the biggest file sharing service in the world. Talking about it, people can upload, share and earn a whole lot from this service. But the file we upload only remains for only 90 days from the upload. Though we can earn a whole lot from such service.
Ziddu offers 0.001 per each download. and 0.1 per each referral program. So, their is no point wasting time. Just click and register by clicking the image below and start your program. Upload a whole lot of files and share it among your friends and start earning.

You can upload 200MB of file, so you can easily keep around 1k(1000) of files, so if you can able to make a download of 10k from the 1k files, you will surely earn $10. Also request it to you friends for the referral program and earn $0.1 per sign up. So if you manage to Sign Up 100 of friends, you will be able to earn $10.
So what are you waiting for? Just click and start earning.

2 thoughts on “[HOW TO] Earn easily via Ziddu”

  1. You can earn money in two ways
    1) Upload more files, and share with your friends via Email, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs or Forums and in Bookmarking sites like Digg .. or Reddit or anywhere! When someone downloads or view your files.., you will earn money!!
    2) Go to your account, Download ‘Ziddu Pay’ App. That application stays on your computer and it won’t disturb your work. Stay more time and earn more!!

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