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#IPL #PREDICTION 1st match Kolkata vs Mumbai April 16, 2014

Well, the craze of IPL(Indian Premier League) now named as Indian T20 League and with the change in name after some corruption issues with IPL. Though the system hasn’t changed and the game is still on and the prediction is still ON. Please check out the prediction terms before viewing the prediction.

Today on April 16, 2014 we have 1st match between Kolkata T20 vs Mumbai T20 teams at 14:30 GMT | 18:30 Local Time | 20:00 Indian Time. And we have predicted the winner.

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Google Play Signature Edition apps – April Fool 2014

As Google has been publishing different pranks for the people every year and this year Google has announced another prank. There are multiple pranks around and this one is specially designed for the Android Developer and only found in Developer Console.

How can it be seen? Here are the images:

Screenshot from 2014-04-01 09:13:35

Click Tell me moreScreenshot from 2014-04-01 09:14:10

Scroll down and press OkScreenshot from 2014-04-01 09:20:52

And there you go with your counter. When you click the counter, the counter will redirect to any random application to Pricing and Distribution page. Now there you can have fun with.

[WATCH] One Piece on Android for FREE


I have been able to watch One Piece anime series via different website and they where cool but I was wondering if I could just sleep and watch all the subbed/dubbed episodes of One Piece on my Android Phone/Tablets that would be so cool. So I tried some easier method but didn’t found any and wished to create an Android app that will be able to watch all the latest Episodes of OnePiece just with few clicks. So, I dedicated few weeks to develop and research a best portal and get current available lists with their video and just made a list of links. After successful on the list making activity I made an Android app that is available on Google Play. You can download the application by visiting the following link:

Or get it directly via QR code to:

qrcode one piece

Please have a review and please post any good feature you want to add and bad feature that you want to remove.

#IPL #PREDICTION #2013 – Automatic software prediction tool

As from the previous years, we are back again with IPL(Indian Premium League) 2013 Prediction tool. The previous game IPL with other games played by the player’s records have been added. We hope that most of the predictions goes right. Moreover, we have made this tool available for Android users. You can download the application for your android devices from:


[HOWTO] Backup/Share applications downloaded from android market

Usually while long pressing any app from the main window, we don’t get a share button and when we press share button it sends a HTML file with some details rather we were looking forward to share the complete application. So, we had a minor problem regarding that. But don’t worry about that cause I got a simple solution for that. What you need to do is Install 2 applications. The two applications are ES Task Manager(for application to get backed up) and ES File Explorer(for the backed up file to get shared). The applications has lot more other features that you would love. Continue Reading