[HOWTO] Update HTC Incredible S to ICS(Ice Cream Sandwich) without S-OFF and Root

I have a HTC Incredible S and I would loved to installed the latest version of the Android OS ICS(Ice Cream Sandwich). As you guys can see lots and lots of post around the internet, I would love to show the same process in a bit quite different way that would be easier. Actually I have updated my Android, the default from 2.3.3 to 2.3.5 from the official HTC update center on the setting menu. And the main problem occurred was that the HBOOT version too upgraded from 1.13.0000 to 2.00.0000(I forgot the real figures). And as you might have been passing through different forums and blogs and asked for using tool names “revolutionary” but the main problem faces is that the device doesn’t support the HBOOT version 2.00.0000. So I looked over the downgrade process and saw a process via RUU downgrade(gonna be 300MB). Well that also didn’t worked for me as well. So I started thinking over and looked for an ultimate solution. And its a good news for you that I got one. Without any downgrade, you can easily install ICS on your Incredible S. The process just doesn’t apply for Incredible S, it may be also applied to following devices: Desire Z/G2, Desire HD, Desire S, Sensation.

Well while you start over you may be busy downloading the ICS ROM for your device. Click here

During your download process, lets follow some steps. Note : This process will void your warrenty and delete all the personal data from device.

  1. Go to htcdev.com for the Unlocking of your phone. And remember to Register with your own email address.
  2. Now go to bootloader page on the website.
  3. Select your device (in my case Incredible S(WWE) mostly you may do that) and click Begin Unlock Bootloader
  4. Click Yes on confirmation popup and accept both the Terms and Conditions.
  5. Now download the latest SDK, from here(Install it). Also follow up the Step 1 to Step 4 on the website. Note that you need to enable the Fastboot option on your phone(Settings » Power » Fastboot enable it) and Continue the instructions.
  6. Follow Step 5 clearly. (Didn’t your find the files? its on the SDK folder you have just installed might be on /tools/ and /platform-tools/ forlder)
  7. Follow up to Step 7 and go next.
  8. Had your phone connected to PC? now just follow step 8 and press enter.
  9. Follow step 9 on htcdev.com sincerely.
  10. Paste the copied Token Identifier on the 10th step and hit submit.
  11. You will get a email with a attached file name Unlock_code.bin
  12. Click on emails link or move here for further steps.
  13. As in step 11, copy Unlock_code.bin to C:\Android folder so we can easily deal with that all.
  14. Just type in on CMD with base Dir showing as C:\Android\>:
    fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin
  15. Now you see the image on Step 13. Select Yes by pressing Volume UP key and then press Power button to trigger the precess.
  16. Now you are set to go to install the new Recovery image. Goto here and download your desired ROM. For Incredible S Click here
  17. After the download, just reboot the phone in Fastboot mode by just pressing Volume Down and Power.
  18. After the white screen with Fastboot shows up type in on CMD with base dir C:\Android\>:
    fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-
  19. Now your are almost ready. Just put the downloaded Vitrous Quatro ROM that your have downloaded on the root of SDCARD with the file name as update.zip
  20. Again press Voulme Down and Power button. After that select the BOOTLOADER > RECOVERY (Movement problem? Volume up for upward selection, Volume down for downward selection, Power button for Open the current selected menu)
  21. A boot menu will appear. Select apply update from sdcard > Yes – Install /sdcard/update.zip
  22. Well now your system will surely Flash. Now when opening the system may not work for you and might stuck on White screen with HTC logo. So you need a final step to perform by installing the boot image.
  23. Open the update.zip on your PC and extract the boot.img file to C:\Android\ directory
  24. On the CMD again with base dir C:\Android\>:
    fastboot flash boot boot.img
  25. Now reboot your phone and all set to go.
  26. Also a comment about that worked will do the step 26 😉

Enjoy the ICS on your Incredible S