[REVIEW] Awesome things happening on YouTube

We have been using YouTube service since a long time for Upload, Share and View videos. But is it just the YouTube gives us? Well YouTube have been performing different tests on implementing on newer and newer things. When I just browse YouTube, I get some stale contents so I would love to have some more fun using YouTube. And as most of the people might know that they have lots and lots of Features that can be fun while using YouTube. All the coolest features can be viewed from the TestTube link. It has awesome features and YouTube are upgrading those features over time.

  • YouTube Slam
    1. Comedy Slam
      Its so much fun getting involved in a game where you can watch funny videos and vote it. Get as more points as you want by voting a video.
    2. Cute Slam
      Similarly vote the cutest one 🙂
    3. Bizarre Slam
  • YouTube Leanback + YouTube Remote Android App
    This on is my best portion. Just sitting back and click the characters on the menu and enjoy the without typing by hands. Feels like the dream has came true.
  • Youtube Music Directory
    Finding just the music have been so easier.
  • Feather
    Well if you don’t like the heavy version of YouTube, just get it enabled and enjoy the feather version of it.
  • Movies
    Movies have no word, just enjoy it. 🙂

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