[SOLVED] Drupal 6.x/7.x not installing

Dear friends, I was installing Drupal 6.x in my brother’s PC today and I was sticked at the minor problem. I could not complete the “Third step”, though I enter the correct information the database wouldn’t install properly and get me to the same page again and again. Then I tried lots and lots of things and searched web, but I didn’t got the solution. I thought it was problem with my brother’s PC but I rechecked the steps and found the solution.
Well the mistake was simple. I rechecked and solved it. The mistake was I renamed the “default.settings.php” to “settings.php” instead of just copying the “default.settings.php” to “settings.php”. I messed up with the instruction because If I removed the “default.settings.php” and kept only the “settings.php” that wouldn’t work. So I tried it twice for the ultimate solution and an article for my blog. So the ultimate solution goes below.
Just keep both files “default.settings.php” and “settings.php” in “/sites/defaults/” folder and try the installation and get the solution. That was a minor mistake that you may have followed. So I wrote an article about it if you where in a problem.
Hope this solution helped you.

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