Future Home: the smart home for everyone

Well, I was just browsing for some cool stuff this weekend and thinking of how about we control everything remotely. Not just a remote PC with some cool Remote Desktop Clients, rather my home appliances like TV’s, bulbs, fans, AC and others. Yeah this may sound like some fancy movie thought where I am the world’s greatest villain and press my button to destroy some country, while enjoying the show from remote area. So, do such system already exists? So, I stumbled on  a indiegogo(crowd funding) about the same thing. The company named Future Home from Norway started the crowd funding campaign.
So, this system seems to be already created and made available. I was able to run their demo and disturb them from their demo page. Well it was fun switching the lights and view the activities they where doing. I may seem to be evil with this system but this will sure change the way of living for our daily lives.
“A frustrated day of work and while returning home, you just set your AC ON and start your microwave for your special dish while you reach home. I would like to live that life.”
Don’t get evil things on your minds to destroy the world with this.

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