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[ALEXA] Days of Google are over | Win by Facebook

Alexa ranking has been by a website Ranking by the visitors who visits the website with the Alexa toolbar. And since a long time Google was on the top of All.
Google had ranking of Alexa 1
Facebook had ranking of Alexa 2

But the days of Google of being at the top of the world has been Over. As current record has made the Facebook at the top of all with Alexa rank 1 and leaving behind Google with Alexa rank 2. Facebook covering almost more than the world’s population including Fake ids, it has now succeeded to be on top. Google, No 1 search engine with billions of features has its rank decrease.

I loved to see and view the Alexa to be 1 but today, when I opened Facebook and saw the Alexa to be 1 I m quiet upset with the rank.

Delhi vs Deccan IPL 2011 winner prediction

Well in the previous game between Kochi and Chennai, our prediction failed and the main factor by which the prediction failed was Rain. Dear friends, we have considered the factor rain as a factor as our software includes weather as its factor, but due to extreme rain, their might be the change in the strategy and game, making the prediction of game change. As you all know, computer don’t have any AI leading into as its all the mathematical calculation. So we are extremely sorry for the mistake for the very first time.

So we have a match between Delhi and Deccan today and according to our software, Deccan would win the game. The game will be held on 16:00 local time.

Enjoy the game. The above prediction is made by a software, so can have change.

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India Vs Pakistan Prediction via Computer Research

Because of the previous prediction between, Sri Lanka vs Australia, March 5th where the match was canceled due to rain and our software was vulnerable. Our software calculated each and every factor for the prediction, but due to the factor “rain”, So we have to changed the algorithm. And we have successfully tested the software on the older matches. i.e. on all the 4 quater final matches. Continue Reading

Sri Lanka vs Australia prediction via Computer Research

Today, March 5 we have successfully developed a software that can predict the winning team for the up-coming game for ICC 2011 World Cup. We have a game of Sri Lanka v Australia (14:30 local | 09:00 GMT) at Colombo. Talking about the game, today it will have a tough competition. Continue Reading