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[CREATE] Hello World program for android via Netbeans

Well friends, as I started programming on android on my windows with IDE as Netbeans. I am writing every step that were problems to me and how I solved then. You can get subscribed so that you can get more and more help regarding android application development. Before going to all the thing you must have first setup all the requirements as of my previous article. Continue Reading

[HOW TO] Earn easily via Ziddu

Ziddu is the biggest file sharing service in the world. Talking about it, people can upload, share and earn a whole lot from this service. But the file we upload only remains for only 90 days from the upload. Though we can earn a whole lot from such service.

Ziddu offers 0.001 per each download. and 0.1 per each referral program. So, their is no point wasting time. Just click and register by clicking the image below and start your program. Upload a whole lot of files and share it among your friends and start earning. Continue Reading

Congratulation to the winners and our software!!!

Well you might have read about the prediction software from our blog, that predicted the outcome of the matches that were held 2 days since. They were the ICC world cup 2011 semi-finals and congratulation to the winners.

According to our prediction we told the first quarter final between Sri-lanka and New Zealand would be won by Sri Lanka and the prediction went correct. Similarly yesterday the matches between India and Pakistan would be won by India.

We would like to congratulate the team for wining and thanks to all other team who made a good game to watch. Moreover we would like to congratulate our software and research team who successfully built the result. Though we had the complete data too but we didn’t showed it because of some minor research on the same data. The rough data were pretty close to the final outcome that resulted on the two games. So, we would like to present the final outcome of the game, with the Scores.

We will post the result and scores soon. Please be subscribed for more result.

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Top 10 Open Source programs/softwares of the year 2011

Hi, friends. We love open-source and and we are free to speak. I have listed some open-source softwares below.

  1. Firefox: Firefox is the top browser running on all the system/PC developed by the company Mozilla. Talking about Firefox, they are open-source and free, so they can be easily distributed to anyone by any means. The biggest feature about this browser is they have the biggest team of developer making it large. It has Add-ons facilities making it more flexible. Continue Reading