[HOWTO] Play/Share Minecraft with friends without buying in Ubuntu 16.04

Me and my friends were trying to play some Minecraft on our free time, but the problem is that we all didn’t had Minecraft bought. Two of us had it bought but other four still wanted to play. So, I have to look for some sort of solution so everyone can enjoy the game. We mostly work on Ubuntu so all had same platform. This version of solution shall work on Windows and MacOS. Windows version of Minecraft were easily available to download but hard to find on other platforms.
At first, I tried to copy the working version from my PC to friend’s. On Ubuntu the folder of working copy is available on ~/.minecraft i.e. Home > .minecraft folder that is hidden. After that I checked the content inside the folder. The content that looks valid and need a change was only launcher_profiles.json. I checked through my profile and found in a pattern that might help opening the Minecraft on friend’s PC. The profile looked something like this:

Now I generated a launcher_profiles.json from the above syntax, and started running the program. But still the authentication failed and I have to wonder more. I checked that the request are sent to authserver.mojang.com and I tried blocking the server. I opened up my /etc/hosts file with root permission.

And then added following line.

I assume is not inside your network and will never call. You can use any IP you want. I checked the launcher_profiles.json and it was all messed up with authentication failure, so I copied the content of generated profile in it again. Now since it will stuck in resolving the auth server, it will just prompt you with Play Offline button and now you can enjoy the game with your friends.
Here is a sample of launcher_profile.json you may want to use. Make sure you change to something else so same UUID and Username doesn’t conflict during the play. Also, change the version name to the version you have.

Happy Mining.
PS: Please do not ask for Minecraft here, I am just sharing it because it may be helpful for some people just to try things out.

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