[HOWTO] Mount Android device on Linux Ubuntu with Internal Harddrive

Hi, I bought a new Sony Xperia SL and it is really cool. But a problem I got is I only use Linux and no Windows on my Dell XPS. I mounted the Xperia on all the PC with Windows but When I tried mounting on my PC, it was a bad luck. I checked for the command on terminal:


And I found that there was Sony device that could easily be detected. After few test, I couldn’t find any solution. Then I recalled back to the Windows and saw that the partition it is mounted to the OS as Media drive. So I thought that the Xperia should be mounted as a Media partition. So, I installed a File system for Media File Transfer.

sudo apt-get install mtpfs

Now since the Media Transfer Protocol File System is installed, we can easily mount the drive to any folder. (Do not use root for this)

mkdir ~/myXperia/
mtpfs ~/myXperia/
nautilus ~/myXperia/

So, now open the folder and it will be automatically mounted to the specified folder. You may like to safely remove the FileSystem. You cannot unmount the drive because of some minor problem. To unmount the partition you can type in terminal:

sudo umount mtpfs

Enjoy the very Android phone.
But there is problem with the speed. The accessing speed and read/write speed is very very slow because the MTP need to access through some different protocol that the normal Drive access.
Supported phones: Xperia series, Iphone, Galaxy series with internal HDD and most of all phones with Internal HDD support.
Happy new year.

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