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[HOWTO] Setup Raspberry PI or any IOT/Linux devices remote access over NAT using tor

I have a Raspberry PI at parent’s home installed and need to control things remotely, so I can fix things easily when there is any problem they request. But the problem I faced is that all the devices are in private network under NAT and ISP don’t provide any public IP nor provide access to router to configure. Now, I need to find a solution to access my devices inside the private network.

So, I installed my RPI via LAN so that it connects to router directly and doesn’t need WiFi configuration in case change in WiFi password. Now the Raspberry PI is running, I open it via SSH to configure remote access. Continue Reading

[SOLVED] VB.NET Windows Service cannot start System.IO.FileNotFoundException

I was creating a Windows service that includes a dll file. Whenever I tried to include the dll, I get following error.

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[SOLVED] Couldnot start service Apache Tomcat server on Windows

Hi, my uncle have a Laptop with Windows 7 and asked me to configure Apache Tomcat server on his PC. After I installed the server, it worked and from the very next day it didn’t start at the startup nor the manual start. I opened the “services.msc” and viewed the service, but still no luck on starting. I viewed the location of the service and found something like “tomcat7.exe //RC//Apache“(I really forgot that). Then I opened the location where the bin folder is located on the explorer. So I opened: Program Files\Apache…\Tomcat\bin\

After that I opened a Command prompt there and tried opening the Tomcat.exe with required parameter and found that there is some missing dll. After that I opened the log file and saw something as:

[error] The specified module could not be found.
[error] Failed creating java C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.6.0_03\bin\client\jvm.dll
[error] The specified module could not be found.
[error] ServiceStart returned 1
[error] The specified module could not be found.

So, I traced the path for C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.6.0_03\bin\client\jvm.dll found that the file is missing and I tried locating the file in another location. Since my uncle isn’t any developer, he hasn’t kept any jre and I found it on JDK location. Then I followed some steps as on the image below:

tomcat1 tomcat2 tomcat3

In the image above it have # I browsed and located the jre jvm location.

Hope this solution works