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[HOWTO] Open IPv6 IP addresses in browser

IPv4 has been a big success but due to the increase in the number of users in the current context of the world, the number of IP are getting lower and lower. And the temporary solution to it was Routers and switches that help create local network and distribute local IP’s. But with the IPv6, now every grain of sand in the world can get a unique IP address.

But opening the IP directly from browser is quiet different. Previously, on IPv4 we used to open, and something like that. But with the technology of Ipv6 we cannot open the IP directly like: http://ipv6/ rather you need to keep the IPv6 inside a [Big Bracket].

For http://localhost/ to be IPv6, you can use as: http://[::1]/ OR http://[::]/

Similarly, you can open Google’s IPv6 by pinging

NOTE: If you get the IPv6 address from your Router but you cannot ping the then it doesn’t mean you are having the problem. Because your ISP(Internet Service Provider) is not providing any IPv6 service yet. In case of my country Nepal, my Router with ADSL2+ supports IPv6 for my local computer but Nepal Telecom hasn’t released IPv6 to the customer. According to some research, they have successfully installed the IPv6 system for testing purpose.

Welcome to the new world.

[SOLVED] Could not open website on Internet Explorer

Hi friends, I had Internet explorer 6 on my Windows XP and it went on some problem like Not opening any website. I tried to open the local server, via direct IP, but they didn’t helped me out. Then I upgraded to higher version of Internet explorer 9. Then I thought that could work but same problem occurred again. When I try to ping and website/IP they easily ping and the response time were good.


The response time was 70ms – 80ms. Then I searched for the solution, but didn’t got on the web. There where solutions but didn’t matched my requirements. After that I didn’t thought of trying different browser. So I just tried to connect “ftp” via IE, but no luck. But when I tried to use ftp via “explorer”, that seemed to open. So I tried to open website via “explorer”, it opened successfully.

So the final solution is:

  1. Goto RUN> type “explorer”.
  2. Then type your website on the same explorer where your folders are being viewed.

If you have any problem regarding this, please do ask me. The above solution might seem to be easy, but that might be the ultimate solution if you want to continue the same browser.

Top 10 Open Source programs/softwares of the year 2011

Hi, friends. We love open-source and and we are free to speak. I have listed some open-source softwares below.

  1. Firefox: Firefox is the top browser running on all the system/PC developed by the company Mozilla. Talking about Firefox, they are open-source and free, so they can be easily distributed to anyone by any means. The biggest feature about this browser is they have the biggest team of developer making it large. It has Add-ons facilities making it more flexible. Continue Reading