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[WATCH] One Piece on Android for FREE


I have been able to watch One Piece anime series via different website and they where cool but I was wondering if I could just sleep and watch all the subbed/dubbed episodes of One Piece on my Android Phone/Tablets that would be so cool. So I tried some easier method but didn’t found any and wished to create an Android app that will be able to watch all the latest Episodes of OnePiece just with few clicks. So, I dedicated few weeks to develop and research a best portal and get current available lists with their video and just made a list of links. After successful on the list making activity I made an Android app that is available on Google Play. You can download the application by visiting the following link:

Or get it directly via QR code to:

qrcode one piece

Please have a review and please post any good feature you want to add and bad feature that you want to remove.

#IPL #PREDICTION #2013 – Automatic software prediction tool

As from the previous years, we are back again with IPL(Indian Premium League) 2013 Prediction tool. The previous game IPL with other games played by the player’s records have been added. We hope that most of the predictions goes right. Moreover, we have made this tool available for Android users. You can download the application for your android devices from:


[SOLVED][HOWTO][DOWNLOAD] Perfectly working copy of phpwebsocket


phpwebsocket(websocket.class.php) is a HTML5 WebSocket server that enables user to directly connect to the socket from the browser. It is specially designed for the PHP server as the script is a PHP script and client can be any website with a browser. I was just having some research on it and got loads of error. Different errors I got are:

1) First I got the error as the client(My browser) could not connect to the server because of handshaking thing. And I sorted the reason that the newer version of Browser have only one Secret key sent to the server so, I removed two keys and only implemented 1 key. Then I got the key to $key. As from the wiki, the returning secret “Sec-WebSocket-Accept” was the sha1($key.”258EAFA5-E914-47DA-95CA-C5AB0DC85B11″) and base64 encode of it. Its a “.(dot)” not the “,(comma)”. And returned by writing to the socket as socket_write.

2) Next my brain couldn’t worked when the message received was just unwanted. And I searched all along and was messed up with some framing thing. I was lazy finding that. So, I just copied from some source for some kind of decryption thing.

3) Similarly, I did something for sending the message by the encryption thing. And I finally made the class work.

I will be happy to share my part of work and hope it will work on your system. You can copy and do anything with the code. You can research on each function changes that I have done.

Download the code from here