[HOW TO] Run (Android) .apk file on your PC

Dear friends, I have started programming on Android system 2.1 and started writing articles on how the program should be written. You can get subscribed to my blog if you want more and more tips for developing articles on android. In this article I am teaching the command line installation of the application on android.

You might be here for some minor problems as:

You have compiled you application but couldn’t run the program in the emulator.
You might have got the way to install the program on your emulator.
You might not have clearly setup your android emulator.

I have been using Netbeans IDE for the development of android applications but what about you just have an .apk file and you may like to run any application without installing any developing tools. But first you must learn to start an emulator. Yes, you must have some patience to start an emulator.

You must follow some steps to start your emulator. You can get the step on my previous article. On the article just follow the downloading parts. The SDK Manager can be easily download from the android website as on the article. After that run the emulator and wait for the emulator to load its OS. Well most of the work has been accomplished. Now the extra step is just to type a command:

Goto Run > type cmd.

Move to the directory where you have installed Android SDK tool. eg. cd “c:\program files\Android\android-sdk\”

Again move to the platform-tools directory that was just installed during the previous article.

You find a file named adb.exe, you need to install the application via this program.

Just type adb.exe install <your_path_to_apk_file>. Your Emulator must be running during this process.

Now view the Menu on the emulator. You will find your application on it.

Have fun.