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[IPL] [PREDICTION] 22nd match: Kings XI Punjab vs Kolkata Knight Riders at Mohali, April 18, 2012

We had some poor prediction by our software and I was quiet busy with my exams. And I told my friend that our software didn’t worked well on 2 matches continuous. I guess, I am stopping the prediction. And he told that, the software is your creation and has done lots of good prediction. And added, its just a prediction by a software. Anything can happen in real life. Thanks to you my friend that I got some courage to continue my prediction. I got some real good friends.

Lets continue to the prediction and we have a match on this IPL 5 against Kings XI Punjab vs Kolkata Knight Riders local time 20:00. This IPL season has been a great season for new players as lots and lots of player have been playing great. Continuing our prediction, we too have a winner today.

And the winner of today’s game is Kolkata Knight Riders.

Many people on the internet asked me about the prediction made by the software. I would like to share it here. I have collected data on lots of players but we though lack the complete data as we do not complete information on the new ones.

Thanks for supporting and special thanks to my friend.

Kolkata vs Kochi IPL 2011 winner prediction

We too have another great match here. Today on 20th April, we have a match between Kolkata vs Kochi. In my opinion, both the team are really great. So let see the game who is really great. But still we have our software’s prediction. We are providing the prediction and our predictions are held to be true by the date, except the game between Rajasthan and Bangalore. Continue Reading

Mumbai vs Pune IPL 2011 winner prediction

Well friends, we have a great disappointment that the game between Bangalore and Rajasthan could not be held. It was completely abandoned. We would like to congratulate to the team of the winner of the game held between Deccan and Delhi. As our prediction, Deccan has won the game and our probability of winner prediction has gone high. Also the game between Bangalore and Rajasthan could not happen due to some problem and we cannot conclude the prediction.
Continue Reading

India Vs Pakistan Prediction via Computer Research

Because of the previous prediction between, Sri Lanka vs Australia, March 5th where the match was canceled due to rain and our software was vulnerable. Our software calculated each and every factor for the prediction, but due to the factor “rain”, So we have to changed the algorithm. And we have successfully tested the software on the older matches. i.e. on all the 4 quater final matches. Continue Reading