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[HOWTO] Midas EduKit – Unlimited use from a single CD/DVD

Well one of my small brother on Class 2 bought the Midas EduKit for Mathematics, General Knoweledge, Science and Grammar(English). Their family were confused about the how to make it work. Then they just called me. I just went and loaded the CD and found that it asks for the Key(password) to continue. I tried to follow the instruction but had no luck. Basically, we need to SMS the serial to 7700 to get the password, but I got no response. So, I just tried a test if the CD works without the CD inserted.

Well the no-CD response was good, so I copied the files on Desktop(any folder you want). Tested different files and found that the file that asked for the password was Need.cxt file. So that was the key file there.

Follow the following steps to make it run:

  1. Copy all the content from CD to any folder.
  2. Open the folder.
  3. You can find the Home.cxt, make a copy of it on the same folder.
  4. Porbably the file will be named as Copy of Home.cxt.
  5. Rename the file Need.cxt to any name as Need_.cxt. (Just creating a backup)
  6. Rename the Copy of Home.cxt to Need.cxt.
  7. Just Run the Midas.exe file

You can again burn down it to a CD/DVD and make it portable again.
Have fun