Vivo #IPL 9 #PREDICTION 2016

Welcome to Vivo Indian Premier League 9 Prediction 2016. As you may have already known or if you are new to this blog, we present you IPL Prediction from our software every year. We have been predicting IPL games for years and is continuing this year. This year things have seemed to be changed a lot, but we have managed to gather most of the data from games we have recorded from the World Cup and older.

Our software predicts IPL games based of older games and player stats over time we collected. We cannot guarantee the prediction to be 100% true because nothing can be predicted. But we just show the calculation based on the day, time, player stats, team stats, minor weather and some random inputs.

We strictly restrict bidding based on our prediction so, please check out the prediction terms before viewing the prediction.

May the best team win and we get best out of them all. Happy IPL Diwali.