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[IPL] [PREDICTION] 24th match: Chennai Super Kings vs Pune Warriors at Chennai, April 19, 2012

As we have two matches back to back today and we have been prediction the winners on every IPL season. We have continued predicted on this IPL 5 season too.

Today on April 19, 2012 at Chennai, we have 24th match between Chennai Super Kings vs Pune Warriors. And we have predicted the winner. Both the teams have been playing great in this season and our software is also doing quiet fine. So lets continue the prediction.

So the winner of today’s match will be Chennai Super Kings. Wow, I guess the Chennai people will surely see a great game today.

The prediction is made by a software, so do not bid on its result.

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[IPL] [PREDICTION] 1st match: Chennai Super Kings vs Mumbai Indians at Chennai, Apr 4, 2012

The first match of IPL with an opening ceremony. Well we all are going to be more exciting with Master Blaster Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, who has just scored his 100th Century on his ODIs. We all are looking forward for a great game between great teams on the IPL(Indian Premier League). The team who has won games vs one with the man with the game is having a competition as Chennai Super Kings vs Mumbai Indians. The match is going to be held at Chennai, today on April 4, 2012 at 08″00 PM local time.

Well we have been predicting the games and predicted the most to be correct. We too have upgraded the last IPL result. We too have upgraded the data from the minors and majors game that players have been playing. Though new players have been added a lot and the team data might not be the best but with the most of the data, we believe to get the best result from our software.

We have initialized our software and predicted the result out. And the winner team of the very first game is the man with the game, yes it is Mumbai Indians. The competitions will be quiet close.

The results are based on the software and the collected data. So, the data resulted may not be 100% correct. The result may vary of the today’s weather. The weather is only the factor that cannot be considered. But with the today’s weather we have given the output.

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FINAL: Bangalore vs Chennai IPL 2011 winner prediction

Dear friends, we went something wrong during our older games. But we do have most of the prediction went correct. We had lots of request for the continuing the prediction but due to our own problems, we couldn’t continue the prediction. Thanks for the encouraging request from the followers and fans who requested for the predictions. As prediction are not the outcome of the game, rather it is a view from some minor data that can be the result of the up-coming game in the future. So, we decided to given a prediction on the last final game between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Chennai Super Kings.

Both teams were playing great games and reached to this final on 28th May, 2011. As the older days, our software had made a prediction for the today’s final match. And the winner from our software is Chennai. Yes Chennai Super Kings. This is the first season we have ever predicted for IPL match. We have collected lots and lots of data that will be implemented on upcoming season. Yes, so that we will have 99% correct prediction.

Stay tuned to get updated for the next season. Enjoy the cricket.

Kochi vs Chennai IPL 2011 winner prediction

We have IPL(Indian Premier League) running after the end of world cup, and we had made a software which used to prediction the outcome of the game. But they where to predict the team of world cup according to their country. But we have managed to get the same players, but different team. So we changed our software to predict the final outcome of the game. We have only test it on one game, and the statistics came true. But we need it more, so lets predict this game and see the final outcome of the game. We have added some old record of IPL too.

We have our software back to prediction, and we have a game as Kochi vs Chennai (20:00 local | 14:30 GMT) . And as the predictions done on the world cup, we have the prediction. On the game between Kochi and Chennai, our software has predicted that Chennai would win the game.

If you have any bet with Kochi, you may like to take the bet back and put it on Chennai. But its just a computer prediction and computer will never understand everything.