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Posture: Where it All Starts

The body is like a building it starts at stability and builds from there on. The stabilizers of your body are your core, back, and legs. To successfully build your body, you must first make sure your stabilizers are stronger than your extremities. You can have strong arms and still not be able to lift a heavy object off the ground due to poor stability.

Increasing your core is the best way to build proper posture. You will be able to hold a proper posture much better with a strong core. It is essential for posture support that you build up your core muscles and back muscles. You can do this by building on compound, full body exercise that involve the intended muscles. Start here and you are on your way to full posture support.

The other neglected area of your body is knee support. The muscles around your knees, mainly the quads and hamstring muscles, protect your knees. The muscles and tendons must be strong to achieve knee support. It is a simple process of including calisthenics, a healthy resistance training routine, and an active lifestyle; achieve these and your posture will improve along with your health. Another option is to add knee supports that you commonly see athletes using. These knee supports act as muscles and tendons do and add support to the knee. They can be used either as a prevention program or to help support the knee while pursuing athletic endeavors.

Now you know the basics of posture and general posture improvement. Use these tips in combination with focusing on sitting up straight, standing without a bend, and not hunching over when you walk. You will see a dramatic difference in your overall well being and joint support. Remember your body is like a building and you must start with the foundation to improve overall structure.