[HOW TO] Create your own Facebook Page more attractive

Facebook page are liked by users if they are attractive, but Facebook pages are just the boring old pages. But Facebook have recently added a great feature on it making a great change on the view of Facebook. The major change is “Static FBML“. For that you need to initially create a Facebook page, and go to its Settings page. Continue Reading

[HOW TO] Enable Suggest to Friends in Facebook Page

Well there’s no such thing as the script, but it has a minor trick. If you are seeing this page that you must be an Internet marketer, who is keenly looking for such thing and I know the trick. Well talking about the Internet marketers, you must have at least >2 Facebook accounts. Well everyone does. Continue Reading

[SOLVED] Could not open website on Internet Explorer

Hi friends, I had Internet explorer 6 on my Windows XP and it went on some problem like Not opening any website. I tried to open the local server, via direct IP, but they didn’t helped me out. Then I upgraded to higher version of Internet explorer 9. Then I thought that could work but same problem occurred again. When I try to ping and website/IP they easily ping and the response time were good.

ping google.com

The response time was 70ms – 80ms. Then I searched for the solution, but didn’t got on the web. There where solutions but didn’t matched my requirements. After that I didn’t thought of trying different browser. So I just tried to connect “ftp” via IE, but no luck. But when I tried to use ftp via “explorer”, that seemed to open. So I tried to open website via “explorer”, it opened successfully.

So the final solution is:

  1. Goto RUN> type “explorer”.
  2. Then type your website on the same explorer where your folders are being viewed.

If you have any problem regarding this, please do ask me. The above solution might seem to be easy, but that might be the ultimate solution if you want to continue the same browser.

Congratulation to the ICC world cup 2011 winners!!!

Well friends, as far the prediction, India has won the game and had started celebrating. In the similar case our software which predicted the final outcome came to match the final result. So we would like to congratulate ourselves creating the software that can predict the outcome. Well we are happy that a team won and our software worked well after a certain research. Continue Reading

India Vs Sri Lanka Prediction via Computer Research – ICC World Cup 2011

Dear friends, we have been predicting the outcome of different games that were happening this year on our blog. And we have the result as predicted to be Sri Lanka and India on the finals. Once again we congratulate to both the teams. And wish to provide a good game on the upcoming Saturday’s match. Though we have the result here we wish both the team to play their best as the prediction are the result of the calculations and calculations are not always right in our lives. Continue Reading