[IPL] [PREDICTION] 3rd match: Mumbai Indians vs Pune Warriors at Mumbai, April 6, 2012

It is bad that our software prediction did not matched the yesterday’s prediction as the game was changed due to the weather and the pitch changed. Though we continue to predict with the software. Today on April 6, 2012 at 4″00 PM Indian time at Mumbai, we have another match between Mumbai Indians vs Pune Warriors.

Well, lets continue the prediction and we have calculated the prediction among the players who have played the games. We missed lots of data amongst the Pune as the have very few records playing game(specially IPL). So the data with my games statistics it is obvious that the team who have played the most game should be the winner.

Yes, you already have guessed the result as my software already predicted that the winner will be Mumbai Indians.

The result are based on the data, the weather condition does not include in the system so the match facts may change with the weather. Also the software predicts the winner and may not be 100% correct so I suggest not to bid with the result published by this software.

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