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Breath of Fresh Air

Ever heard of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease? It is a disease that makes it harder to breathe, which only gets worst over time. There are multiple causes for copd. However the most common cause of copd is smoking.

When a person breathes in air, oxygen passes through what is called the wall of the air sac, which lead to the capillaries. During this time carbon dioxide moves from the capillaries into the air sacs, replacing wasteful air with clean air. Copd restricts this process.

A treatment known as oxygen therapy copd was created to increase the flow of oxygen into your lungs. One of the benefits of oxygen therapy copd is that you are not limited to remaining at home or force to become a resident at your local hospital to receive care. The device is portable and can come with you on your daily tasks. Another benefit of oxygen therapy copd is you are given multiple options for dealing with copd. From liquid-gas devices to medication, living with copd is no longer life threatening.

As technology continues to become greener, medical science has been able to expands into the green industry and has found a more natural way to combat copd. This new form of technical wonder is called airnergy. Oxygen has various properties. Under normal circumstances air remains nonreactive. For air to be properly use for the body it must be changed to a state known as the singlet state. To achieve this state easier airnergy was designed to help with the process, while improving your physical health.